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Traffic Engineering

Conducting traffic engineering analyses, developing creative design solutions to problems involving traffic flow efficiency and safety, and developing traffic management solutions are among GRA's strengths. Whether addressing isolated problems or working within the context of a major highway project, GRA utilizes the latest techniques and computer software packages to develop effective concepts for the safe and efficient movement of all modes of travel.

We invite you to view the representative projects below. Simply click on the category name to view a photograph or graphic and a brief description.

Intersection Improvement

Centerville Road and Diamond Hill Road
Warwick, RI

Additional capacity was provided through the widening of the main street and the side street to add the needed approach lanes. The new traffic signal provides APS (Accessible Pedestrian Signal) features, in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Intersection Improvement

Plymouth Avenue (Route 81)/Rodman Street
Fall River, MA

This intersection had been designated by the Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) as one of the most hazardous in southeastern Massachusetts. The intersection was reconstructed, including side-street lane additions, as part of a 1.4-mile, $7.3 million project for the Reconstruction of Plymouth Avenue. In the background of the photo is the interchange of Plymouth Avenue with I-195, where capacity and safety improvements were made through lane rearrangements and improved signalization.


Roundabout Design

Apponaug Bypass
Warwick, RI

This roundabout controls the intersection of Greenwich Avenue / Veterans Memorial Drive / Veterans Memorial Drive Extension. This was one of four, two-lane roundabouts constructed along the main route of the $30 million Apponaug Bypass. A fifth, one-lane roundabout was also constructed at the entrance to the historic Apponaug Village.


Traffic Calming/Complete Streets

Post Road in Apponaug Village
Warwick, RI

Curb bump-outs, raised crosswalks, a bicycle lane, new sidewalks, on-street parking and streetscape amenities, including period lighting, all designed under the Complete Streets concept, combine to provide a pedestrian-friendly environment in Apponaug Village.


Pedestrian Safety

In conjunction with curb bump-outs, other pedestrian enhancements are often required to achieve a Complete Streets concept. Shown below are a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) with the appropriate warning signs and advanced pedestrian warning pavement markings.



Raised Intersection

Prospect Street and College Street
Providence, RI

As part of an extensive street rehabilitation project for the Providence Department of Public Works, the intersection of Prospect Street and College Street was raised to be flush with the adjacent sidewalks. The primary purposes were to provide improved handicapped accessibility at this entrance to Brown University, without disturbing the historic brick sidewalks, and to implement a form of traffic calming. Shown are Brown’s historic Van Wickle Gates (c. 1901), leading to the Front Green and University Hall.



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