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Regulatory Permitting

Preparing applications for compliance with requirements of various regulatory agencies — and following through their respective procedures by providing engineering documentation — has become a necessary and critical task on virtually all types of engineering projects. GRA has had extensive experience in performing these tasks on over 1,000 engineering projects, including the following:

  • Transportation Improvements and Bridge Rehabilitations and Replacements
  • Sewer and Water Distribution Systems
  • Land Development
  • Waterfront Projects
  • Recreational Projects


The types of projects indicated above may require compliance with the requirements of one or more of the agencies regulating the following:

  • Access to State Highways
  • Utility Services
  • Zoning Requirements
  • Storm Flow Discharges
  • Historical and Cultural Features
  • Navigable Waters
  • Wetlands and Other Environmental Features
  • Possible Presence of Hazardous Materials
  • Dumping of Dredged or Excavated Materials


GRA is experienced in all of these permitting areas and is prepared to work with clients to guide them through each permitting process.