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GRA Careers

At GRA, we recognize that our services and our product can be only as good as the staff that provides them. We pride ourselves on being the best place to work for the best people in the field. To continue to meet our goals and commitments, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who would make great additions to our workforce.

Since the firm's inception we have attracted some of the finest engineering talent in our consulting industry. Many of these individuals have been with our firm for twenty years or more. All of our employees have been instrumental in making GRA one of the leading engineering firms in Southern New England. GRA offers a fair and competitive base salary, commensurate with your education and experience, with an excellent benefits package, including holidays, vacation and sick pay, health insurance, incentive compensation, 401(k) plan and others. If you wish to pursue career-enhancing university courses, you may be eligible for our education benefit, as well.

We believe the above combination of compensation and benefits will appeal to talented individuals in the engineering field, and that GRA is an organization in which those individuals will thrive. GRA appreciates your career accomplishments to date, and we believe we help the members of our team to take on increasingly complex and exciting challenges, furthering personal and professional development.

When you join GRA, you will find a talented and hardworking staff, working together in a friendly and professional environment to solve a full spectrum of engineering and related problems.

We invite you to become part of these exciting opportunities.


Gordon R. Archibald, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.