The "Second Mile" Philosophy

Welcome to Gordon R. Archibald, Inc. (GRA), a multi-disciplined civil and environmental engineering firm that has been providing professional engineering services in Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts since 1970. GRA's staff is comprised of the most talented individuals in their fields, all of whom work as a team to deliver the kind of excellent service our clients deserve and expect. Whether we are involved with a small or large project for a public or private client, the mission is always the same: to deliver the most cost-effective solution to the client on time and within the project budget. Throughout our long history, we have proven time and again that our staff has the talent and dedication to deliver on those client needs.

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At GRA our work is guided by the unique principal of the Second Mile. The Second Mile philosophy means pursuing work with superior effort, going beyond the basics. It means doing more than is required or expected. At GRA we believe in exceeding expectations, not just doing what it takes to "get by." Meeting minimum goals is the first mile. The Second Mile is where extra effort and the pursuit of excellence begin. Reaching for this standard is the mark of a true professional.

We believe the philosophy of the Second Mile reflects our attitude toward our work and the services we provide to our clients.

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